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20 avril 2013 6 20 /04 /avril /2013 13:00

Voici les paroles, en Anglais, de la chanson "While were are young" données par les Heroes sur leur page facebook.



'While we are young...'


Text by Natalia Ososhnik,

Music Vitaly Ososhnik


verse 1


When we will strongly for twenty,


Probably we will laugh quieter.


We are flipping through albums of childhood with a smile.


What we were and what we have become



It is coming faster


Our "tomorrow" will begin in the morning.


But today it seems not enough


That, about what we dreamed yesterday.




But life will not end tomorrow


It will be long:


But you have time to say everything to me


While we are young, while we are loved:


And don't be afraid to be weak


And I will be strong with you


Because life will not end tomorrow


While we are young, while we are loved:


verse 2


When we will seriously over thirty,


We will be afraid to fall in love.


It is a measured step of the adult life...


Goals are achieved, thoughts are in order:



And let it all spinning the same,


The summer replaces winter.


And let Fridays streaking off


While we are young, while we are loved

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